WoodMachine is a powerful texture generator for anything made of wood. It can be used to create either seamless wood textures for all kinds of purposes or mesh-adaptive maps for specific objects. It is fully procedural and comes with many exposed parameters, offering a high level of customizability.

Create any kind of wood in any condition from brand-new to torn-up: This substance was made to eliminate the need of a giant library of different specialized wood substances or even photo textures.


  • Highly customizable wood pattern generation
  • Partial grain rotation: match your object’s UVs’ orientation or create parquet patterns
  • Pattern offset for parquet and larger objects made of solid wood
  • Also generates matching wood ends
  • Aging/Weathering effects
  • Mesh-adaptive wear effects
  • Can be stained, painted and lacquered
  • Ca. 100 exposed parameters in 9 groups
  • Examples, tooltips and comments included