Bruja Rampage

Bruja Rampage is a competitive twinstick shooter that was created at the InnoGamesJam #12 in Hamburg with the theme ‘Spooktacular’. The game was developed using Unreal Engine 4.18 by Flavia Rodriguez Heinlein (3D-Art), Jorge Aurelio Alvarez Yañez (2D-Art/Concept), Oliver Eichner (Programming), Matthias Ewald (VFX). It features a stylized look, lots of effects and physics interactions.

You play as a little witch hunting for sweets on Halloween night. Shoot houses with eggs three times to get their sweets and turn them to your side. Untag and turn houses of your enemy by shooting at them. Tagged houses spawn zombie minions which will seek and hassle your enemy. Shoot zombies for points, sweets and a score multiplier.

Whoever collects the most candy wins the game!